Doug Strudwick

Through out my life I have explored different aspects of my artisitic inspirations, from wood carving to oil painting, from pencil illustrations, to clay modeling. My inspirations have been many, but I have the most pleasure with the fantasy genre. From the books I read as a child, to roleplaying games with freinds, the world of fantasy has provided me with many chances to play with the humanoid form. My freinds have often presented me with challenges and for that I am very grateful. Please peruse my artwork and leave a comment. Do not hesitate to be critical, suggestions can lead to new ideas, or even to re-vamping old ones! Thank you. Latest update! May 28/05 These have not seen the light of day for 10 years! They were the result of my journeys to the far west coast of Vancouver Island. Some were damaged while in storage. Recent update April 17 2006.  I like Strongman, Powerlifting Favourite movies Legend, Heroes, LOTR, Favourite books Chronicles of Narnia, LOTR, Eregon Favourite music Varied- current favourites include System of a Down, Cetra, Ben Harper