Danielle Furlong

Hey everyone out there! My name is Danielle Furlong, and I'm a 16 year old chick from Nova Scotia, Canada. Sounds interesting, huh? Anyway...I like to draw in my spare time when I'm not out with my friends out or busying myself with school work (ha...that's a laugh..) I mainly stick to pencil, colored pencil and ink, but I have recently started to experiment with computer programs to color my art work with. So far...it hasn't gone to great. Like a lot of the other artist, here at Elfwood, I love anime and almost all of my work is inspired by it. Some people may say that's a bit juvenile, but I don't really care. I started watching anime when I was a kid, but I've been drawing since I knew what a pencil was and that it could make lines on paper. Along with my drawing, I also write. I haven't gotten an account at 'The Wyvern's Library' yet, but I may in the future. I've just been having writer's block lately and I have too many stories on the go. I suppose that's it for now...later dayz. By the way..the picture of me is about two years old. I have red and blonde streaks now and new 'emo-ish' glasses.