M. Doran

I'm 17, live in a small town in Canada and I love art.  I'm not very good at writing bios. My life is full of interesting pursuits including things ranging from cultural anthropology to cheese pizza, weird cult movies, dressing up in funny costumes, reading about the paranormal (actually I'll read about just about anything), indie-folk-rock bands with 80's influences, Extended LOTR dvds... mhmm....  *shrugs* Someday I'm going to write big refrence book on world history even if I never take a history course...I have it all planned out in my noodle. I heart my boyfriend and my cats, painting with my fingers, dipping chips in yogurt, my marry janes, passion, trees, Gandhi, spiritual exploration, Sopocalypse 5000 (that's my band)...golden mornings that shimmer in your soul after they've faded, books that are like paintings, sharing intimate secrets with strangers randomly met in odd places... oh life is made up of so many things and there's so many things in me... anyways, heres my art: