Marie Efverstedt

September 2003 Updated with a few pics, Vincent and Tiyun, check them out :0) Aaaand! drumroll please! My new homepage is up and running at my very own domain! *yay* moonriddler Go check it out and drop me a comment in my guestbook to make me sooo happy! *giggles* Story update on my homepage! Go meet Dain and his hunter properly. And then there's my new sorcerer and his prince... see where this is going? *sigh* been to P.L. Nunn's and Scribblemoose's pages a bit too much... Oh well... And take a look on the sneak peak on 'Sword of the Maha'Varain' New problem to work on: backgrounds! Definitely not my thing. But hopefully I will get that down too, sometime soon… ~¤~¤~¤~¤~ So, I have some favourites here in the Woods. The list of links will probably grow, but here's a start :0) Mark Andrew Goldfine Darn! This link is not working. If anyone sees this, please help me correct it! Cathy Wilkins Johan Alexanderson Luis Rojo who? this guy is great! Gillian Sein Ying Ha Beautiful anime and great coloring. Adam Duncan It's a great sci-fi gallery! Go take a good look at some amazing work. Sabra R. Hart Simple yet spledid design! Jeremy Dylan Mohler One of the greatest I've ever seen. ~¤~¤~¤~¤~ Have fun looking around here, and dooo comment! PLEASE NOTE!! The characters in this gallery are original characters, so they belong to me, the Mim. Please ask me first if you want to use them. *smile* Thanks!