Dana Gabelhouse

Alright, lets get this over with. Known as several names, the most common are Scaly - short for Scalywings - and Dnan - funny typo that stuck. You could say I'm a dragon obsessive. When I'm not scrawling them all over my books, I'm listening to the voice in my head that tell me to do things. Not that I shouldn't, but could it be considered weird to have conversations ith them all at once? Maybe that's why they say I have several personalitites. Often has urges to take all eggs from fridge and sit on them, calls little children who often babysits for 'hatchlings and younglings' and favourite personal quote is 'my talons give me typos.' Has often been called a spaz, a weirdo, demented, deranged, freak on a leash, insane and beyond help. My wild mood swings come at random so be warned.... If any classed gender, is female, and apparently emo for the love of all things dark and disturbing. The overall summary...a confusing beast that somehow manages to bring mirth to people at times even without trying. Tell me why that is so and maybe I won't think about eating you, even subconciously. Kay, I'm going to go and return to lurking in my lair with my pretty pretendies... *shifty eyes* Erm, and yes, most of my pictures are bought on by inspiration from music of different moods.   My sci-fi and fantasy art gallery is here