Marius Ernst

New bio time! Not that the old one was bad, maybe I will even change my mind and put it back up. No, I still don't feel like telling more about myself than I did previously. Read my stories instead. On this shelf of the library you can find several fantasy stories: - The World Beyond + The story of Baobor (the latter can be read seperately) - Zapping through the woods (an impression of elfwood) - Lost and Found ad. (deliciously short) - We gather at the stones (inspired by a picture of John Teall) - She only wants to play (bad, bad fairy) - Letters from Atlantis (The truth about Atlantos - winning entry of a woodworks competition) - A dragon's life (It's rather funny I suppose) - The Great Giver (be grateful for every gift) A couple of horror stories: - Boring to dead (being a ghost is not fun) - Hear the voices (there are bad things out there) - Paper Gods and Written Heroes (excerpt form my 2003 Nanowrimo novel) - Tales from Berlag (short tales from the same novel) Poems: - The fall of Argath-Neganor (lengthy nonsense) - The life of Hernan Mendez I (the start of more lengthy nonsense) - Wizard's Lament (more serious poetry) Miscalleneous stuff: - There is always some time left (short science fiction story) - God and the Philosopher (more philosophy-like) - Dance with the Spirits (first part) (not quite sure what genre this would be) NEW!!! If you are dutch: Join Dutchelfwood If you like roleplaying and/or discussing a broad range of topics (arts, culture, politics, philosophy, etc.): Join Umbagollah!!! You will be rewarded with nice people to talk with and eternal gratefulness.

The world beyond - 2nd part

Harald lost his memory and fell into a gap. Now he is travelling from world to world, looking for what he has lost. This is chapter III and IV from the story so far. Harald has left the fae to get to the unfriendly ghost worshippers. They put them on the road, the road to where? If you want to see the little fae Myriel sitting in Myrve's cave, look at this beautiful picture by Trina Daniel.

Wizard's Lament (poem)

This is a poem about the life of a wizard. It can be happy or sad, it depends on with which side you indentify. Usually I don't write poems, but I was in a bit of a sad mood.

Lost & Found ad.

This is just another short story. A sudden idea that I just had to write down, featuring a man, a woman, a witch and a pendulum. I'm not quite contented yet about the way the ending is written, perhaps I have to rewrite that part a little.

There is always some time left

I wrote this in a bit of an angry and upset mood, in a very short time (2 and a half hours from idea to upload). Accordingly it's quite short. That's all I can say about it, except that there is always some time left...

We gather at the stones

This story is inspired by this picture here in elfwood by John Teall. The story is about dragon-like creatures, and a circle of stones. It is supposed to take place in medieval times, I hope I haven't mixed up the historic facts too much.

The fall of Argath-Neganor

Why should everything make sense? This is an epic poem about the conquest of a land and the escape of two refugees.

She only wants to play... what dog owners say when their pet runs along with you and snaps at your heels. Well, the fairy in this tale might be doing just a little bit more. This was my entry to the woodworks bad-fairy contest.

Tales from Berlag

This a compilation of three short excerpts from my Nanowrimo novel of last year. These are short tales the characters tell each other to pass time, and give some background about the world.

The world beyond - 4th part

Harald fell into a gap, lost his memory and now he travels from world to world to find it back. This is the 4th part of the world beyond. Harald had just escaped the persecutor of Ilirilin, to arrive in a desert.

Paper Gods and Written Heroes

Paper Gods and Written Heroes is the title of my 2003 Nanowrimo novel. It mainly is a quest of the main characters to find out what actually reality is. This excerpt, taken from chapter 2, is one of the key scenes.

Boring to dead

Boring to dead is a short story about ghosts, and how it could be to be a ghost. It's nice and short, I think.

The world beyond - 3rd part

Harald lost his memory, fell into a gap, and now travels from world to world, looking for what he has lost. This is chapter V and VI of the world beyond. Myrve the roadwatcher has send him to the market of Ilirilin to buy a bird. Will he escape from this crazy place and return? If you want to see the little fae Myriel sitting in Myrve's cave, look at this beautiful picture by Trina Daniel.

Letters from Atlantis

The ultimate truth about Atlantis! This is the winning entry for the 'Postcards from Atlantis' competition of woodworks. Actually I wanted to call the story 'Mail from Atlantis', but I realized that after I submitted, and this title is good enough, too. Update: I removed a lot of typos, I hope it's more pleasant read now.

A dragon's life

Just a story about a dragon, a princess and a prince. Uhm...yeah. Since my knowledge of less-official English is quite limited, this story has lost something during the translation, but I hope you enjoy it anyway

The Great Giver - First part

The Great Giver can bestow with you with gifts, but what is their use? I have chopped this into two parts, because it was a bit long. The second part is much longer than the first.

The Great Giver - Last part

The story of Aron continues. What will become of him, will he get his revenge on the Great Giver, the Servants and the Institute?

God and the philosopher

Ever wondered why a god would need a whole day to create light? This might be the reason. This short piece of writing is a kind of origin story, and at the same time a philosophical text. With special thanks to Naimah for some corrections ;).

Zapping through the woods

This story is inspired by elfwood itself! This is how I feel when I move from story to story, from world to world by pressing the random button.

Dance with the Spirits 1

What do you do when you are arrested and thrown into the dungeon, awaiting your end? Exactly, you go dancing. This is the first half of the story.

Hear the voices!

Don't live alone on the borders of the swamp. Don't. Especially if you don't know what's living there.

The world beyond

The first part of the story, the introduction, you could say, I just wrote down. Since then, I write parts of it whenever I feel like. The story is about Harald, who lost his memory and falls into a gap. Then he travels from world to world, while he slowly gets his memory back. It is getting quite long, so I chopped it into several pieces. This is chapter I and II.

The story of Baobor

or The world beyond, chapter VIII. No, wait don't run away. Although this is part of 'The World Beyond', it can be read separately. Harald is spending the night at the desert people, and tells a story for their hospitality. So it's a story in a story. Baobor is about trees, and a strange boy. It's a bit odd to tell a story like this in the middle of a desert, I know, but well, if you have problems with that, give me a better idea.

The life of Hernan Mendez

Hernan Mendez has an eventful life, and I tried to capture it in verse form. Don't expect anything serious in it... This is only the first part, but I have no idea when I will write the rest.