Ana Magalhaes

WARNING - THIS GALLERY CONTAINS PARTIAL NUDITY. IF YOU FEEL THIS IS NOT FOR YOU, TURN BACK NOW.Hello guys, This will be my last change in the bio, since I won’t update the gallery anymore. I'd been playing with the idea of quitting for a while, but I think I’ve finally ran out of time and excuses. Elfwood was a great experience and gave me the chance to meet some of the nicest, most creative people out there. I made new friends and I want to thank them for being so generous and supportive through all these years of annoying (yes, I’m aware it’s annoying) insecurity – and that means especially you, Frank. You gave more to me than you know :) Elfwood also allowed me to come in contact with many different views and opinions on amateur and professional art, which in turn expanded my horizons and laid a path for me to discover new and exciting sources where to look for inspiration. I learned a lot in 8 years, and if my accomplishments or shortcomings helped other members of this community to improve, it’s already a victory.   I have no idea what the policy is for inactivity in the site, so the gallery might be taken down eventually. In the meantime, please DON’T use the following images, as they were done for the people who own the characters:   - ‘Becca’ - ‘Darien’ - ‘Madison and Desiree’ - ‘Natalye’ - ‘Scarred Caster’   As for the rest – and since I’ve even been accused of plagiarizing my own stuff - they’re fair game, use them however you want, if you want to use them at all.   This ‘self-destructive’ attitude regarding my ‘work’ (I have to use inverted commas here)  is complicated to explain, though I’m pretty sure a great deal of people who grow up wanting to be artists end up feeling this very same thing.  Sometimes it takes one sentence, one word at a particular time in your life from than one person to steal away the drive. And when you’re a wimp (like I am), it will level you to the ground. Those of us who don’t make it will still keep drawing/painting/sculpting and writing for fun, and I think I will too, for a while. To all those people whom I promised commissions and never delivered, I have no valid excuses to offer you, so I’ll just admit to my fault in that and say that I’m sorry, I shouldn’t have bitten more than I could chew.   As I’ve said earlier, I won’t update anymore, but that doesn’t mean I won’t keep visiting Elfwood. It’s a great community and I’m happy I got the chance to be part of it. And I still like to enjoy the art :)   Once again, thank you all for visiting and commenting. See ya ;)