Magdalena Dreyer

'He who gazes into the abyss should be careful, for the abyss will gaze back. He who hunts monsters should be wary that he does not also become a monster.' He? Forget he. Hell hath no fury and all... What is there to say about me, really? They say I'm a Valkyrie in the skin of a human; I'm certainly not normal, persay. No... This is fanquarters, so I should probably say this now; I have two favourite characters - Lara Croft (of Tomb Raider fame. Not Angelina. Gr.), and the Angelus (ala, The Darkness). Two girlies that both kick ass and... well... kick ass. Who needs anything more? Besides, Lara's like a big sister to the alien living in my brain, Scar. ...She made me write that!

Poem: Dysgraphia

A poem, about yet another psychological disorder...

For Whom The Darkness Parts - Part 1

The second award winning story - Two of three won prizes. Not bad, huh? The competition is over, so this one will never be finished. Aw.

Angelus Te Nocte: Mortus Venates.

The tale of an Earth-bound Angel and his encounter with a young homeless girl.

Invasion - Part 1

Doom-based story from the website of a RP I run. Post Appocalypse-y.

Into the Depths

Award-winning story written for the writing competition. Based on their race, the Targoids

To Be Queen

Continuation of the award-winning 'Into The Depths', not as good, however.

Wolf Amongst the Sheep (Poem)

A kind of 'rebel against humanity' poem. Little more to it than that.

Angel Haikus (Japanese Poetry)

They're poems.

Death Haikus (Japanese Poetry)

No, I'm not suicidal. Was just depressed.

Dreams (Non-Fiction Narrative)

Before you judge me too harshly off this, stop and think a moment... A translation to narrative of a series of dreams and visions I've been having for a long time.

Poem: Fear

A poem about fear, that creeping sensation that everyone's experienced at one stage or another.

Tomorrow (Poem)

A poem about time, the Earth, and... some general strange stuff.

Angelus Te Nocte: Puella Te Viam

The tale of an Earth-bound Angel and his encounter with a young homeless girl.

Poem: Crystal

Just a little poem thingee I wrote, for giving a crystal from one to another. No, I'm not Wiccan.

Poem: Hammer's Fall

A poem, dedicated to honor those lost in the WTC distaster.

Poem: Wrought of Mind II

Sort of a... rehash of Wrought of Mind I, only shorter.

Poem: Wrought of Mind I

A poem... The depths of the mind can be a frightening place.

Misc Haikus (Japanese Poetry)

Okay, so I write too many haikus. So so me.