News update. Hello all! It was time for me to change my bio, which was getting quite old. Well I am 17! Celebrate good times! Yahoo! What I love to draw is faeries, horses, uncorns, elves and dragons. I get inspired by just about anything, which includes my high school friends and my environment. Even my precious dog serves as inspiration. I've tried to slip away from the common anime style and make up my own style. I guess you out there will have to be the judges of that. I have been drwaing for basically all my life, thanks to my relatives I got a bit of talent in my blood. I have finally stopped drawing without backgrounds. J.R.R Tolkien is my favourite inspiration even thought I don't tend to look at his work much. My favourite hobby is either going on elfwood to check out other artists or pick up a pencil and paper and draw. Oh but I can't forget video games! They too are partly helpful for my insipration. Soon I'm leaving highschool and hopefully i will be able to get into the course in college I wanted to get into. Obviously it's an art course because believe it or not, I have the desire to get into designing video games! Yes yes, but that is for later. My pictures will no longer be computer coloured with photoshop because we lost it *darn*. Oh well. I'm starting to use old fashion ways to get colour on my drawings. hehehe. Well it's about it for this update. Ta ta for now ^__^

The Sixth Land

A tribe walk along the frozen lands of Maniho, accompanied by a powerful wizard. They reach a rich town, but find out time was frozen in ice. All that remains are the people, locked away in blocks of cold ice. A terrible spell was put on all of Maniho, a spell done a creature terrible and evil.

The Jewel

A short story about a dangerous jewel. A creature greedy for power and jealous of all fortunate people, goes to any extreme to retreive the parts of the jewel.