Ainsley Cameron

Okay.... I haven't been here in years, litteraly. I'm 18 now, and all but three of these pictures are from when I was 15, they're good remeinders actually. I'm going to keep them, and redo most of them I assume, so I can show everyone the difference. Yes I know it's only like three new pictures, but I haven't scanned anything, and I'm going to try and make most of my uploads colour ones, so I don't waste space. I'm planning on going into music, not art, that's okay I love music. I play the flute, and I'm just starting to learn piano and teach myself guitar. Sometimes I pretend I can sing. if you stumble upon, please check out my other gallery, there's sketches and stuff there, I want to put up finished works here. Thanks for understanding~EDIT: I haven't been here in even longer! I'm 20 now, almost 21, I don't have any new coloured material for here yet, I'm in the process of collecting a bunch so that I can upload it all at once for you all. I'm going to redo some of my older pictures, for inspiration and to see the difference 6 years makes. I did take a year of music but it wasn't to my liking, now I have to find something else to do. On my DA account you can find my crochet projects, if your interested just ask for the link. I've also got some songs on you tube, my username is Yukiyoma. Its a different kind of art! I'm not really sure what to do with myself but I'm never going to give up art. I do have a webcomic that updates as often as I can (so once a week during a good month) It's called I Bruise Easily if you're interested. It gives you a really gradual look at my improvement over the past year and a bit. Thanks for stopping by, I love to hear from people, it warms my crazy heart. Love to you all!