Ok, so my bio has said that it's been in the middle of winter all summer... Where have I been? Easiest answer is 'somewhere else', and I'll leave it to that... :) I'm 19, and graduated this spring after studying art at Midgårdsskolan, Umeå. I've had so much fun there, I miss school!! Gah... :P Where I'm heading now I'm not quite sure yet. All I know is that I'll keep drawing forever and ever. :) Since the html codes are my worst enemies, besides spiders and acrylic paint, I've given up on trying to get the links to work... I'll get back to fix them again later. One link I'll try to squeeze in here though; you should really check out the great tour that the mad Aussie fairy, Jason Ellis, has put together of the Gods and Godesses in the world 'Shalan' he is writing a story about (which you also of course should read because it's brilliant ;)). And a great big hug to Joel and Gnu for all the encouragement! :) Hope you will enjoy your stay here... *smiles softly*