Maigan Lynn

I always write the most boring bios....SO....I'll get the important yadayada's out of the way first - like where you can purchase my work - and then the fun bio - quirky things you might like to know about me - and then the boring bio...the one everyone writes that goes in the back of!So, if you like what you see as far as my artwork goes there are a few different places you can purchase it. I mostly sell on Ebay for the time being under the user ID taurmailyn. You can get to that work via this link: also sell some of my stuff on which is a fantastic website geared towards all things handmade...i LOVE it! It's a FANTASTIC community of people. You can find my stuff through this link:www.taurmailyn.etsy.comI have a few contracts with companies to use my designs. If you're a tagger/tube artist you can check out or to get to my images direction click here: you're really interested and would like a comission piece of artwork done, just contact me. I will do comissions, time permitting! I also have prints so you can contact me about those as well - or see if i've got some up on any of those sites!Some quirky things about meI feel sad when I see a lone balloon floating away. It gets me every time...I like Patsy Cline. I also like Justin Timberlake and Missy Elliot.I am a Gypsy Mermaid married to a G.I. JoeAnxiety has made my brain a little fluffy and not quite what it used to be'Goon' is one of my nicknames.I painted my art room Aqua blueI care a little more about our Green Earth every day.I like partially popped popcorn kernels.Mixing Peanuts and Pepsi (peanuts IN the pop) is one of the best things my Grandfather ever taught me.I like the smell of rain before it hits the ground.I love fancy guppies.I crave chocolate more than any other food on the planet.I have procrastinated in the past and probably will sometime in the future.For the most part, I don't care if I 'fit in'.Going out in public wearing PJ's is perfectly ok.Going out without makeup is not. (this is my own personal issue!)I love Lillies, Peonies, and tulips the most.I love my inner gothling.Peacock and Ostrich feathers are divine.I never wanted to be a ballerina.I love to drive.I am almost never without some kind of animal less than 3 feet from me.If I am hungry, it's all my husband hears about until he fixes it.I try to learn from my mistakes. But I can't say I haven't made the same one twice.Dairy Queen French fries dipped in Dairy Queen vanilla ice cream is NOT weird. It's delicious.I love Japanese culture.Fairies are real.The colour green soothes me.Zoodles should only be eaten cold.Vanilla is one of my favorite scents.A childs laughter when they're laughing so hard they can hardly breath is infectious and hilarious.I still have belongings at my parents house.My sister, once a brat, is now truly one of my best friends. So is my husband...but he's still a brat.I don't drink, smoke, or do drugs.I think every town should have a frog tunnel so frogs can pass safely without being smooshed by a car - regardless of the amount of frogs residing in the's a cool idea.I want to live to see the day that cars are no longer run by gas but something more eco-friendly and efficient...and not so costly either.Endless fields of corn freak me out, as do ferris wheels.I will always be a kid at heart (though 25 isn't far off from childhood - but I doubt i'll ever grow out of this.)Art is eye candy and food for my soul.Now the boring stuff! :)I'm a mainly self taught artist (self representing as well!) and I sell my work mostly on Ebay. I'm trying to branch out a bit lately and get my artwork out here a bit more.I do mainly watercolour/acrylic mermaid/fairies/goth/witches type stuff. I love fantasy art hence why i'm here! I discovered Elfwood when I was about 17 I think, I fell in love and it's been one of my most favorite sites ever! There are so many talented artists out there and I truly feel part of a community. I love this place!I also love animals. When I'm not painting/drawing I work at store that sells pet related merchandise. I have a bazillion pets of my own, including 3 cats, 2 rabbits, a dog, and some fish! I'm always busy with something whether it be playing with my puppy or outside working in the gardens. I try to keep myself occupied!Thanks for taking the time to read all of this and congrats for making it to the end! lol! I like Art, drawing, painting, chocolate (lol), music (all different kinds), animals, baseball, psychology, reading, gardening, swimming. Favourite movies Charlie and the Chocolate Factory (new and old), Edward Scissor hands, A series of unfortunate events, Memoirs of a Geisha, Nightmare Before Christmas........Pretty much ANYTHING Tim Burton has done, Stardust, Wizzard of Oz, the Hairy Potter seriers, Labyrinth, the Pirates collection, most Disney movies. I don't know if this counts as Fantasy or Sci Fi but I really like the Show Pushing Daisies and when it was on I liked the Dead LIke Me Series (to feed my gothic side). I also like Grey's Anatomy but that has nothing to do with either. Favourite music Hip-Hop/Pop is my favorite. ANything I can dance to really but my altime favorite artists are Jewel, Sarah McLachlan, and Amy Lee