Maja Pratengrazer

Drawing is my oldest love, my first love for all that matter. It was born as soon as I was old enough to hold pencil and draw first lines on paper, wall or other 'medium' i found suitable for leaving my trace and pieces of my fantasy on it. I never got the formal education in that area, but drawing is still my bigges love and my pleasure.Because sometimes,  words aren't enough... they create frames around emotions andt thoughts...  Painting and drawing, in the other hand, makes the frames much wider, and sometimes even erases them, breaks them like pieces of thin ice...So I draw to express myself, for sometimes that is the only way I can do it... I am very emotional, and I try to weave my emotions and thoughts in my art, so when it's 'finished' (though I think it was Picasso who once said that the artworks are never really finished) those works contain fragments of my soul.I don't know what inspires me the most...Sometimes it's a verse of a song, sometimes it could be my dreams, sometimes a scene from a movie, or just a detail shown in the corner of the TV screen that nobody else noticed... Sometimes I'm inspired by emotions I carry inside myself... I'm a dreamer, and i want to share my dreams and thoughts with you...I hope you'll enjoy my gallery! :-) I like art, drawing Favourite movies The Mists Of Avalon Favourite books Vampire Armand Favourite music Nevermore, Project Hate, Evergrey, Siren On, Loreena McKennitt