Maja Carter

Several years later, out of the Army and going to college at the University of Colorado in boulder. I am still drawing... a little, so I have some new artwork to share, unfortunately, my scanner is broken, so some of it will have to wait.I was going to be taking an Art class at the university, but the Professors, Teachers, or whatever they were or claimed to be were for the most part... insane.  They have what I call Artistic Psychosis which causes Art in their world to be a mockery of what it truly could be.  The entire feel of the class was wrong, and their beliefs sickened me, so I dopped the class.  When you're paying $750.00 for an Art Class, you should get what you pay for.  If I had stayed in that class it would have been nothing but headache inducing torture.  But aside from all that, yes, I have some more artwork to share with the elfwood community.  I am pondering the idea of making a Webcomic, but I'm not sure if I can do it while I am going to college and working.  It would be fun though, and if it is good enough I might actually make enough money to eat more than once per day ~.^