Lizzy´Maki_the_sheep´ Miller

Hello! This is Maki speaking! I'm here to tell you a little about myself.1.I like stuff2.I go to school3. Maki means tree (really means chinese pine or firewood)5.i am writting a story/manga called "Doki Doki Moon"6. i am also writing a novle(name?) maybe "Unloved"7. I will live in Japan! I know japanese ! ???????????????8.I will have my own anime or manga series! and a sushi bar ^_^yahhh....ummm....soo....stufff.... I like Travleing, jet sking, rock climbing, body/boogy/surfing! Writing drawing(of course) and living... Favourite movies ummmm....Saiyuki, scrubs, Escfloren..... (man i'm lazy) Favourite books Eldest.....very lazy.... Twilight (of course) Favourite music i like lots of songs more than types of music... LINKEN PARK!!! ROCKS!!! System of a Down ^_^ Utada Hikaru.