Jim Robinson II

I used to draw a lot back when I was in school but once I got out of school I ran out of time for drawing. I spent 10 years in the military. During the last 2 years i discovered poser and started using it and got into digital art. I went back to college in 05 and have been taking art classes to  regain my drawing skills along with learning more digital art skills. I have been posting my poser work on the net since 03 under the name dasquid.          I have pretty much stopped using dasquid as a name for the most part even on sites where i post under the name dasquid I now post under the name Malandar. It has been a while since I have been here I guess it is because I have been busy. I like Art writing fantasy reading Warhammer Fantasy & 40k D&D Shadowrun painting miniatures watching movies and expanding upon the world I started building back when I started DMing D&D back in 1984 Favourite movies Star Wars (original three) The Terminator, T2, Lord of the Rings trilogy, Princess Bride, Knight's Tale, Big Trouble in Little China, Spaced Invaders, The Crow, Hook, Bill and Ted's Excellent Adventure (and bogus journey) Favourite books the Honor Harrington series, The Belgariad, The Sword of Truth series... though some people hate it I liked it except for all the jerking around of the two main characters. Favourite music Rush, Kiss, Hammerfall, Nightwish, Falconer, Iron Maiden, pretty much anything but rap or anything with saxophones.