Hello! I'm thirsteen thirteen years old, and I live in a rather ordinary town in Sweden. I train aikido, a Japanese martial art. In aikido you only learn self defense, not attacking. I really enjoy drawing, and my favourite medium is the oldfashioned paper-and-coloured-pencils, I'm not much for 'computer art'... I usually draw fantasy pictures, often in manga/anime style. My art is mostly influenced by: other Elfwood artists, the comics called 'Linda och Valentin' in Swedish (Valérian: Spatio-Temporal Agent in English), listening to Portishead or Sabres of Paradise, and that boiling pot of oddities sometimes called imagination. I've recently got The Longest Journey, and stares amazed at the beauty of Newport's Venice. My goals when I draw is: to learn how to draw proper hands, and to learn how to draw people of different ethnicity ( 'black' and asian people). I also have a pet lizard. More detailed, her name is Paradusa and she is a member of the species Leopard Gecko ( or commonly known as Small Firedrake). Oh, before I forget it, the pictures that are in my gallery now are computer-made because I'm too lazy to scan something.  I really love the comic 'Monster Allergy', so some of my art is influenced by it. 'BONE' is another great comic which I like. See you later!