Jennifer Manchester

Hi, everyone. My name is Jenn, and I'm 21 years old. I have been drawing seriously for at least six years now and just started doing acrylic painting. I've lived in Las Vegas, Nevada for the past five years and plan to move soon. It is so hot. I am inspired by many things. My favourite artist has to be Monica 'Starling' Izcovich. Whether she knows it or not, I've been following her work since at least 2001 when I found her Harry Potter fan art here as well as a yahoo group. I have to say that she has inspired me to the way I draw today. I am currently working in a financial career, but I am pursuingĀ  a career in writing. My whole family thinks I've got some talent, but I'm really doing it for me. Art is what I live and breathe, be it through the pen or the brush.