Black Angel- Learning how to fly...

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Amanda Bussell

'It's the closest I've ever been to flying.' Kevin looked back down at the ground, nervous again. 'I'll fall though...' she said shakily. She tensed even further, as was surprisingly possible, when she felt his hands curl over hers. He didn't squeeze them, or hold her tightly. He was loose, and after a moment it barely felt like he was touching her at all. 'No, you won't,' he said. 'Now close your eyes.' Kevin obeyed this time, letting her eyelids slowly close over her sight, and the breeze cooled them. She stood for a moment, and she was silent, as was Alex. She felt his own eyes close and listened to his calm breathing. He was flying in his mind, she knew it. Though she wasn't getting the sensation yet... she very well could feel her feet on the roof, and the harsh reality of the angle and the probability of falling. 'Stop thinking so much,' said Alex softly, his mind in the clouds. 'Release your reality.' Shivering at the familiar words, Kevin tried to block the picture of the roof, of the danger, and tried instead to imagine clouds and wind. She tried to imagine her own wings like Alex's, only white, and strong. She could fly. I would just like to say that this, IMO, is one of my best works yet. :) Above is a random scene written for Black(*almost typed 'Blank'* o.O) Angel, my book. I haven't yet put this in the correct order in the book(I'm only on chapter 4) but it's pretty, HUH?!! Turned out JUST how I wanted!!! BTW, later in the scene, Kevin begins to sing, which explains her mouth ;) Mweeee... pretty pic... anyway, yes, Alex CANNOT really fly with those wings. And they're still standing on the roof. Background doesn't really mean anything, I just wanted it to be all shineypretty ^_^The book in progress, Black Angel, can be found here: Read it, review it, then reccomend it to your friends. Then I'll be a very happy little writer person type.

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