Ode to Bad Fanfiction 2

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Amanda Bussell

What would the Harry Potter fandom be without the following: 1: Mary-Sues. You've seen them all... hell, maybe you wrote some. You may or may not be forgiven later. But the common traits of a Mary Sue are 1a: American transfer student 1b: Beautiful... can't have a plain-looking girl 1c: Random magical jewelry and/or weapons 1d: Gryffindor. Or Slytherin, for that matter. 1e: The love interest of a random canon character. Usually Harry, Draco or Sirius. 1f: Popular, perfect personality, everyone likes her, you get the picture. 1g: Related to Voldemort, usually his daughter. There are more warning signs(like having Harry's scar and Christina Aguilara CDs), but this is just covering this pic here.2: Crossovers! These aren't always a bad thing, but usually... usually they are. Show me one that doesn't suck and you get a prize. The prize being a virtual cookie or something not-real like that. But I cover crossovers in this by featuring Alucard from Hellsing. Love that anime, btw.And 3: Self-insertion. For the love of all that is holy, people, stop writing yourself into fanfiction. And if you do, don't put it up online. No one but you and your also-inserted friends care.So, there you have it. The story behind this horrible piece of crap I like to call 'art'. ENJOY. NOW. Note: Yes, that's me... and yes, I'm Slytherin. Fear me.

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