Woot, an update! Its a short fic, with a pic that goes with it that I'll eventually load into my Zone gallery... 'Fallen Angel', enjoy ^_~Those of you wondering where my bigger stories are, such as Black Angel, Cyberseed and Sword of Cathmor... they're on at so feel free to check those out. I know that, for one, Cyberseed isn't allowed here. Much to my embaressment, it WAS kicked off for graphic problems. Black Angel I wouldn't know, but I know SoC would be allowed here, I just haven't uploaded it. Why? Because I'm lazy! You should all know that by now. ;)Oh, bio. Right. Amanda Bussell here, born April 28th 1985, 5'3ish and 98lbsish, dyed red hair, green-blue-teal-hazel-whateverthehell eyes, and all that boring crap. I live in Texas, near Denton. Now to important information! I've been writing almost as long as I've been drawing. I remember the first story I made at around 5 years old about a ghost befriending a painter girl. Yes, it was based off of Casper. So I wasn't very original back then, give me a break! I had brilliant original ideas by age 7, so I had it MADE. *lol* I'm still toying with that idea I had at age 7, btw :PMy goal is to be published. It's what I want more then anything, I believe. Maybe. I plan to publish Black Angel, Cyberseed, and if I can EVER finish it, Sword of Cathmor(and all the sequels from then on). I was hoping to get a Creative Writing degree at University of North Texas, but now I'm not sure I can go at all. Le sigh, oh well :PMy favorite authors are people like J.R.R.Tolkien, Terry Pratchett, Margeret Weis&Tracy Hickman(it's DL, they kinda go in a two-in-one package there...), JK Rowling, Dean Koontz, and probably some other people I somehow forgot.I think I'll shut up now. Hehe. Latest update uploaded to Extranet on 11/20/03.


The beginnings of a series of stories from the POV of Raphael, a fallen angel. ^_^ Note: You know how DIFFICULT it is to describe some of this stuff!!?! I mean, for god's sake, how do you explain some one EATING for the first time!?! Sheesh. You people better appreciate this ;)

Fallen Angel

'He was their most beautiful creation, the first of the Sentients. They gave him wings and called him Angel.'A bit of a short story, kind of a prologue almost to a story idea.

Blood One

A banished elf tells a strange rose of his lover-- only to discover the rose is more than just a flower. Can he ease the pain of his lover's burdened soul by telling the flower something he never told her? (can also be read at )

Do You Believe in Dreams...? (song)

This is a song I wrote just for the hell of it ^_^ I have a pic for it, but it's not online or even scanned/colored yet so you'll just have to wait ;) I have a tune for it too! THIS IS A COMPLETE SONG!!!! ((insert evil laughter here)) ;)

Neverdying Love

A poem from the POV of an immortal who can't live without their lover, though they were mortal and have already died... (can also be read at )