I never know what to write in here - but I'll try it. I'm 26 now, studying ancient history and history of the middle ages at the University of Essen - not the kind of subject you may have expected, huh? *smiles* I always loved history and after several attempts to get a place at a artistic orientated university and many refusals the way into history was my best possibility. In my spare time I draw, color my drawings, work on my homepage, read fantasy books or thrillers and many comic storys, play Ultima Online on a RPG freeshards and write storys with friends, based in many universes. There will be additions from time to time, but not frequently. I try to reply on all constructive critical comments in my gallery and comment myself in gallerys and on pictures I like. As you can see by most of the pictures in my gallery, I'm mostly inspired by RPG scenes and emotions between characters. Please check out my Fan Art Gallery for more stuff and my private home page for all of my (erotic art as well) work - it's all in german, but if you click on 'art archiv', it's easy to get all the pics.That's all, folks - have fun with my work, and I would be pleased if you leave me some comments. I'm proud of being in these tours with my pictures, please give the creators credit with visiting their gallerys or tours:Sensual Women - The art of the female form by Steven MnMoornWho Needs Help With Male Anatomy? (a.k.a Sexy Shirtless Studs!!) by Abigail Barbara FayYaoi Boiz by Amber 'Jerry Sugar' Foster If you like elven art, then visit the gallery of Jennifer Trepkau, she's a fellow player and great artist on one of my UO shards and has created a very nice portrait of Asarea :)