Gloria Manderfeld

I never know what to write in here - but I'll try it. I'm 23 now, studying ancient history and history of the middle ages at the University of Essen - not the kind of subject you may have expected, huh? *smiles* I always loved history and after several attempts to get a place at a artistic orientated university and many refusals the way into history was my best possibility. In my spare time I draw, color my drawings, work on my homepage, read fantasy books or thrillers and many comic storys, play Ultima Online on two freeshards and write storys with friends in a Star-Wars-forum-based RPG. There will be additions from time to time, but not frequently. I try to reply on all constructive critical comments in my gallery and comment myself in gallerys and on pictures I like. As you can see by the many 'Asarea'-Pictures in my Fantasy Art Gallery, I'm mostly inspired by RPG scenes and emotions between characters. Now I'm infected with the Harry-Potter-virus - four years I tried to evade this hype, but as my lifemate made me to watch the first film, I had no chance after all - my favorite character is the not-evil-at-all Professor Severus Snape. Other inspirations for me are Babylon 5, Star Trek and Star Wars. All these scifi worlds leave much space for own characters and storys, this motivates me very often to create my own charas or ideas.Recent additions June 2004: Extra classes with Snape, Jedi Padawan Yavis, The PSI warrior from Betazed, Sunset on BetazedSince December the 28th I run a Star Wars-related online-comic on Keenspace and I would be very pleased if you'd check it out. To read the story from the beginning you just have to click on the nav-button 'first' on the main page. And here's the link: > I'm proud of being in these tours with my pictures, please give the creators credit with visiting their gallerys or tours: The Power of Black by Christopher R. Yost Oh No! Not another Snape tour! by Andrea 'Sammie' HallPlease check out my Fantasy & SciFi Art Gallery for more stuff and my private home page for all of my (erotic art as well) work - it's all in german, but if you click on 'art archiv', it's easy to get all the pics. That's all, folks - have fun with my work, and I would be pleased, if you leave me some comments. Fellow artists in the Fan Art Quarter: Inga Kozoruba - creates interesting faces and emotions Ana Teresa Campanico - sensual colored owls and HP-fan art (a MUST for Pig-lovers) Donna Evans - wonderful colorings, HP-fan art with main focus on Lucius Malfoy Nynne Catrine Davidsen - playful and lovely HP-character designs Stephanie Chateau - HP-fan comic and very cute Snapey works ;) Darrell Pestana - film 'evils' like Frankenstein, Dracula etc. - my favorite is the 'Spock' portrait Gilian Sein Ying Ha - really great colored picutres in manga style - check out the 'Amidala' pic :) Linn Standal - ElfQuest and HP fan art, the coloring kicks ass! Lennys Esther Barboza Esis - sensitive manga style pencil work, if you like CLAMP, you'll love it Danielle Lefebvre - clean manga work, mainly colored, in style of Kaori Yuki Norma A. Peters - Buffy fan art, great nearly photorealistic character designs Donna L. Bond - great HP fan art especially for Severus Snape- and Lucius Malfoy-lovers! Melissa A. Hitchcock - If you like Star Wars, this is your Choice - I simply love the Thrawn pic!