Mandi Page

Hiya!! I'm Amanda, most call me Mandy though.. hehehe.. Just recently I got tired of the y gettin in the way when I write the date on my papers at school so I changed my name.. (lol.. yes.. strange.. I know!!) So now I'm Mandi with an 'I'!! I like ta draw all the time(doesn't mean I'm any good at it of course) and I read a lot.. i.e.:during lessons, in extra time, and when I'm feelin down. Yay!! hmm.. a little bout myself? Okie!! I'm 5'2, 92 lbs, blond hair, blue eyes.. I like to dance and crank my stereo.. and sing!! (usually in my undies dancing around the room with my hair brush..^.^;) My closest friends are: Stef(Steffer Gz(Stephanie G)), Amber B., Heron(Erin), Beth, Angela(Angelic Vampiress(She has fangs man..o.o')), Michelle I., Michelle P.(O.o' kinda I guess..), Et(Ethan), Frosti(Sethikal), Chris, Chris, Chris(O.o;), , Jadyz(Jade is her nickname(Diana)), Xella(Jeanne(pronounced Jean-ee)), Britt(Dude!! She like inspires me to write with her won amazing stories..and what I write I must also draw so therefore she is like a good boost.. hehehe!!), and.. last but not least.. Jacque(pronounced Jackie)!! Thanx you all for always bein there for me.. now.. on to da art of course!! ^^ AIGHT..!! I'm just gunna slap this in.. I updated.. deleted a few things ya know.. Added two or three.. And I entered the LiveJournal Contest for 'Lights in the Darkness'.. well.. ^_^; Wish meh luck? Thanks.. now get a commentin' at da art! >.>;