Mandy Holland

Edit - 07/08/2008:  Hi, and welcome to my gallery. :)For those wanting to know a little about me, I was born in July of '81.  I'll let you do the math 'cause I get tired of updating my age every couple of years. :P  With art and drawing, it's just something I've always done just because I like it. Skill and competence wasn't a big thing for me until I was in high school and trying to learn how to draw in an anime/manga style, which really isn't as easy as it looks... My current drawing style is a weird mix of manga/realism, but as long as it looks nice, it's fine with me! :) Most of the things shown below are extremely old. I have some newer stuff at my deviantArt gallery that either doesn't fit here or I haven't uploaded yet. I hope to be putting some of it up here at some point to show how far I've come since I last updated here in 2001 with Spring.  I've actually revised that piece, but with how long it takes to get images posted here, I haven't bothered to upload the new version.I hope you enjoy what you see here, though I have to say DA has much more current stuff (and don't forget the Scraps section!), so I'd definitely recommend taking a peek at my gallery there.  Thanks for stopping by!