ME Burnham

My stories. What should I say about them? I'm always looking for places to improve so go ahead and point out things that would help me there!Right... well... those of you who've been to my shelf before and are bothering to read this will notice that Of Magic and Wings is gone. But wait! It's returning a little at a time! It is now called New Life from Ashes. I'm hoping there are some vast improvements. Same story-line but hopefully a whole lot less 'telling'! Let me know what you think!I know my favorites is suppose to do this but... I don't care!Scott Morris is an amazing writer with dead-on humor and convictions of iron. Flashpoint quickly became one of my favorites!Federico Diaz writes emotion and atmosphere like nobody's business. Go offer constructive criticism on his work. NOW!


Follow a writer and her science-geek friend through one zany conversation. (Oh, and don't take the science TOO seriously because I fudge a bit ^_~)

To Save a Friend

What would you do to save your closest friend? What if there was only one way to save said friend? Could you do it? What would you do after you saved him or her? Note: This piece is not like my typical work *translation* it's angsty without a happy ending

What if I'm a monster?

In the years after the humans finally destroyed the earth, they found themselves living in planetary colonies and Space Cities with enough mass to orbit the sun. It took several hundred years, but dedicated humans started to turn the tide on the Earth Restoration Project. The ERP contracts out 'defenders' to guard against illegal poachers who come to snag a skin from the many species of animals revived from extinction thanks to the World Genetic Bank established when the ancient community of scientist realized there would be no saving the earth. There's a lot of work left to do, but people have finally been able to return to living on Earth--even if it is only the backward who have no use for the modern pace and technology of space. Iena and some friends are vacationing on Earth for their time off from the Levels. On earth, Iena meets a rather interesting earthling and his friends. What secrets does this defender of earth (ooooh, doesn’t that sound corny?) hide? Can she break through his pain to help him? A stand-alone of a much larger piece.

Keeper of the Lost

Welcome to the Land of the Lost--the place where every lost thing winds up. We join a young woman on her desperate quest to find something very dear to her... I had this one up a while ago, however, a formatting monster ate half of it. So I took it down to fix the embarrassing formatting mistakes.

Hall of the Victorious Dead

I was always taken with the ideas of halls of honor where ancient warriors met and drank to each other’s victories in life. What happens if there’s a mix-up though? What if someone ends up where they don’t belong?

Frank and Lisa

When I was a little girl, I asked my mom what the noise in the freezer was (the ice machine). She told me there were gnomes who lived in our freezer to make our ice. I remember running to the freezer and jerking the door open in hopes of catching a glimpse. I never could. So I wrote a story about a little boy who was lucky enough to meet my friends the freezer gnomes... ^_^

Literary Limbo Lounge

Have you ever wondered where characters go when their stories are over? When the adventure ends and when no one is reading their work? Who would run such an establishment? Have you ever wondered what the muses are truly like and what they do in their “off-time?” Welcome to the Literary Limbo Lounge. The first of a (as of yet) uncompleted three-parter. Edit 12-23-05: Oh my goodness! 8D Mod's Choise?! Oh, thank you, thank you Moderators!

Enter the First Vampire

This is the conclusion to my vampire three-parter. In the previous installations we met Andrew, Aven, and Terra. Aven's action-before-thought personality gained him a mysterious, fragile fledgling of his own, and not everyone will sit still for such a development.

Terra Incognita... again

Xathenoc (once again, pronounced with the 'ks' as in ax) is spoiling for a fight, and has been since he heard he was going to have to protect his father. He was ready to kill something after actually meeting his father. Will he get more than he bargained for? Note: erfic = very small, stylized weapon carried by most for show, carried by Shadow Walkers for assassinations.

Chained Reflection

This was my submission for the Herscher Protect #20: Beyond the Looking Glass. The main character is one that I’ve kicked around for a while and finally found an outlet for. Mostly, this is a story about a growing a little older and discovering aspects about one’s-self which are less than normal… Now that we’re all thoroughly confused… on with the story!

To Build a Family

A man lost his family in a tragic mistake, condemning him to a life of loneliness and shame. However, a series of chance happenings propel Gracin into a role he never expected. Note: In Gracin's society the head of the household is addressed as ‘Lord’, if the head of house has adult sons they are all ‘Master’. Note 2: Botaen are hominoids that have developed a photosynthetic layer in their skin—resulting in a green tint. Generians are the closet thing to human living in this world—no photosynthesis and very little ‘extraordinary’ features. Happy reading!

Terra Incognita Revisited

Welcome back to the Terra Incognita. If you are an out-cast or a nobody in your home nation, you just may find that the land of shadows maybe be a fitting home for you. A few years have passed and Koren's promised proved true. Our young friend has grown considerably. However, it seems there's always something to reopen those old, buried wounds that he just wanted to forget. Note: The pronunciation of 'Xathenoc' does not begin with the 'z' sound, but rather a 'ks' as in 'ax'. Also, an erfic is a very small, stylized weapon carried by most for show, carried by Shadow Walkers for assassinations.

Enter the (New) Vampire

We met Aven as a small, glowing orb last time. He's grown a little bit since then. Now he's just your average teen. He goes to high school, he skips class, he drinks blood... Okay so he is a little different. What happens when our dear, young Aven finds himself confronted with another vampire? Wanna know something really funny? The bit with/on the stairs... you'll know when you get there... True story. One of my friends. Yep. Laugh a little louder knowing that there really are people like that. o_o Oh Goodness! ^_^ Thank you, moderators! That was rather unexpected. *grins*


Sort of an experimental piece in which I fiddled with a new sort of character and a new style. (Haven't worked much with first person POV). I realize there is a lot of telling here, but I was going for the story-telling feel.


These things are always hard for me... This was basically a personality experiment. I've never written a character quite like the warrior in this piece. Tell me what you think, eh? For clarity's sake the warrior in the story has two names. He was born with one (rather embarrassing name) and took on the other when he fully entered the Song Weaver Sect. Erm... right. Aren't you glad I cleared that up? Happy reading.

New Life from Ashes: Teldrelie's Story

This is the backstory of a minor character that appears about a quarter way through New Life from Ashes. I really liked him when he made his appearance, so I used him as an excuse to do some world building. Enjoy the tiny window into elfin society that doesn't travel around in caravans!

Enter the Vampire

A short beginning to a now-completed three-parter. Andrew wants something very much. While this is a horrible description, the story itself is pretty sweet (in the ‘awwww’ sense). Read?

Beyond the Literary Limbo Lounge

Welcome back to the land of Caretakers (yay!) and Caustics (boo!). We see beyond Tenacity’s establishment (visit the Literary Limbo Lounge if you haven’t seen inside his establishment) to get a peak at another facet of their lives. Creativity gets to visit the Orchard of Authors with Uncle Imagination. The second installment of a trilogy (this one has a little more plot than the last one, I promise.) Enjoy the read and let me know what you think, eh?

Terra Incognita

In Geraleam, there's a young boy. A boy without a name. But what's in a name after all? In Geraleam: everything. His birth and his namelessness have condemned his life thus far to one of misery. When you have nothing to lose, even bad ideas seem like the only available options. This is something of the prologue for a story I've been kicking around in my head. Not sure I'm going to write the rest, but ehn, we'll see. First of a completed three-parter.

Dragons' First Flight

Welcome, traveler, to the Greater Northern Realms! This is a part of a much larger work, so a little explaining will probably be kind. Ponndurrah has lived for over a hundred years among the Draconian Race who rules the kingdom of the North (Yes, I know how long humans really live but there are some strange effects that come from living among the ancient race)... the only problem is that years ago all the dragons left to fight an evil they knew nothing of. Only the Queen’s son, Ponndurrah’s best friend Crollln, returned; albeit half-dead and broken. It’s been a few years since then and the fifty eggs the dragons left behind have had quite a few years to grow into young dragons. Needless to say, every day is a new adventure. *Whew*

Were-Kin: Next Phase

This piece is something of an introductory work for a continuation of some work I had up here once-upon-a-time. It’s mostly to introduce the young Were-Kin that the story would revolve around as well as show what’s happened to our old friend Baldric. It was fun to work out how Were-Kin deal with disputes and free-time. (Also, Veshtava is the title given to most senior female in the clan. Often they can hold more sway in certain situations than even the Haveshad, which is the title of the clan-leader)