Bobby J. Osborne

I have too much free time, so I draw a lot. Sometimes I try to draw realistically, but recently I have fallen into an exaggerated cartoony look. I try to keep my work balanced between the two. I'm 15 as of now, and I've been really into drawing for the past couple of years, and the only thing keeping me from joining Elfwood until recently is because of a lack of a scanner. Now I have one, so I'll try to add some interesting stuff to my works. I spend a lot of time on my computer, and work in photoshop a bit. Check out my website at the top right if you want to know about me or my works. I usually don't make pictures as my main focus, I've really been into animating stuff in Macromedia Flash, though I do have a lot of pictures at my website. Most people don't like my style of drawing, and I'm ok with that, but sometimes I prefer the cartoony look of things over realism. I think I was the only person who cheered the moment Zelda was announced as Toon Shaded.