Mark Perez

New update, I'm a 38 year old part time artist full time father, and sometime employee of my local school district. That's what I look like and that's about it. It's been a busy year and I've had very little time to do any drawings or paintings. I hope to change that in the year to come. Feel free to email me and ask questions. I really don't do any request so I wouldn't hold your breath if you ask :-)Update (May 06, 2006): A year older but no less wiser. I've added another drawing and some more links for all you fine folks to go visit. As always please visit some of these other artist. They are all great artist and will most certainly impress the eye and ear. Adam Vincent: Amazingly realistic drawings. Anneth Lagamo: Rich colores and gorgeous drawings and paintings. Jedediah Dougherty: The women in his paintings remind me of when I first layed eyes on Frank Frazetta's work. The women are believeable and over the top at the same time. Adele Sessler: Emotions, emotions, emotions... that is what sets Adele apart from the rest of the crowd. A great collection of Dark Elf art as well. Bridget Haines: Great black and whites, and some good colored drawings. Camille Kuo: Some nice "dark" paintings. I love all this stuff. Carolina Eade: Some very beautiful paintings. Claire Salvatori: Do not let the last name fool you, there is nothing abstract or surreal about her work. There are some wonderful fantasy works here. Dragos Stanculescu: A lot of great character art here. Igino Giordana: More traditional art on this area than the links I have up of other artist. Isabelle Davis: Some more "dark" art. Not as keep as Camille and a bit cartoonish, but I like it all the same. Jeff Lee Johnson: Not really my style of art at this area, but it is definately worth a good hard look at. Jennie SeayMore character art from a very good artist. Jonathan R. BrunnerJ.E. ShannonJeanne PriceMark GoldfineRoberto RabaStephanie LawFrank Garcia *Writer*: A writer whom is just starting off. He has a great imagination.