Erin Rabideau

I am a hard working 21 year old female. Currently going to school when my pocket can afford it (which is rare). I have many hobbies and talents. My focus in my art is people of a fantasy or science fiction nature. My favored software is Abobe Photoshop, though I use Illustrator, Maya, and Lightwave, on occasion too. i am currently studying Japanese Language and majoring in Illustrationand Animation. I have a degree already in Graphic Design. And I hope to be working for some top comic or animation Industries when im done with my schooling. I currently am traveling back and forth for school between Michigan and Chicago art schools. My hobbies include: painting and drawing, making fun of my roommate, nagging my boyfriend (just kidding), cooking rare foods, practicing judo or kung fu, collecting swords, fixing and building computers, coming up with insane ways for my comic characters to so mean. Anything else is on a need to know basis.