Marcy Kliner

I started with the idea of makeing my own comic roughly 2 or 3 years ago just as a fun little joke between my friends and I. I play a lot of rpg's and it influences my work uasualy. also around the same 3 year mark I started playing final fantacy tatics and got hooked on the art style so I adapted it to myown iin some ways. There have been a few aptempts at getting the comic started but most start with a few pages of work then get put on the shelf for a month and when I return to them my drawing style has changed just slightly enough not to match the origional work. so currently I have been working on redrawing the entire thing useing the old stuff as storyboards. Other than rpg's I watch my fair share of scifi shows, movies, and anime lots of anime... and bounce around jobs intown (realy scarey resume). The reason for joining elfwood was to post some ideas to a relitively closed audience and see what people thought, though my stuff uasualy tends to go unoticed hopefully that'l change.