My kindred folks, I have always loved fantasy, but more specifically, fairies. I only recently discovered a small talent for sketching and watercolor. There are no words to show my gratitude for all the artists and writers in the world who have opened the realm fantasy to me. But alas, along with that gratefulness comes the sting of envy. Therefore, as I accept that I am quite bad at what I do, I press on simply to satisfy a yearning desire be placed into a world of fantasy, magic and beauty by my own hand. To do so, all on my own, gratifies me beyond my wildest dreams. And now, as artists greater than I have done before me, I share my fantasy realm with you. I like I'm interested in so many things...right now I have a passion for bugs and nature shows. Those things are amazing. Favourite movies I loved Xena...I suppose it's because it was a woman kicking butt, and that was cool. I alos realy enjoyed Xena and Grabiel's friendship. It was a beautiful thing. Favourite books Anything by Tamora Pierce i.e. "The Winding Circle" books. Harry Potter, The Bartimaeus Trilogy...omg the list goes on and on. Little Women.