Margaret Perrie

  I'm hungry. *CHOMP* Actually, I'm Margo. I'm 22, I'm addicted to art, and I love good stories. I love crit and eat it for breakfast, but mind the dates on the pieces here--some of them are seriously old. Stuff!: Jessica Perrie~ Little sister extraordinaire, greatly in need of comments. Go! Witch & Cat~ Webcomic that occupies most of my art time. Been running since Feb 2006! Favourite movies Avatar: the last Airbender, Doctor Who, Lost, Merlin, Star Trek, The Empire Strikes Back, Beauty and the Beast, the Lord of the Rings Favourite books Harry Potter, A Song of Ice and Fire, Discworld, Chrestomanci, Sabriel, Nation Favourite music A Fine Frenzy, The Decemberists, Jason Mraz, Every Irish jig ever, Enya, Owl City, The Police, Bach, Kate Rusby