Nikuyoku of Lust and his/its/her mask.

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Marissa Conner

For a story/manga/project I'm working on called Joshua 1:5. The semimain characters are seven Demons of the Seven deadly Sins, and seven Angels of the Seven heavenly Virtues. No, the demons dont start a war and try to destroy the world so the angels have to save the world... Anyway. Said 7 demons are kind of ... don't have a gender. So Nikuyoku, below, is an 'it'. Not a she. Yes yes yes, they can shapeshift to look like a he or a she, and Nikuyoku often does, and mainly takes up a male form and is quite very sexy ... I'll scan its human form in later. You will lick the screen. o.o. ANYWAY!! Nikuyoku is the demon representing Lust (...Nikuyoku is Japanese for Lust.), and he's got a li'l mask that says Lust on it...dont ask why he has the mask. I wanted to draw one. He's the leader of the 7 demons. (Kouman (Pride) used to be the leader but they got in a fight (Nikuyoku stole Kouman's right eye!! That's why he's got two different coloured eyes and Kouman's got an eyepatch. He's a pirate, Arrr.) Drawn with 2H leads and B leads from gradients 2 to 7, then I kinda wanted to make it look cool and colored it using Pablo Webpainter 3.(But now he looks like a barbie doll or something, so plastic. I can't color. *hangs head in shame and walks off.*). SIDENOTE! On the bottom in red it says 'Oya' which is some native american language meaning 'Beckon'. (Or a cooking pan, if you speak spanish XD) I put that there 'cuz Oya is the name Nikuyoku goes by among humans ('amongst humans'. Wow. that's corny.) All the other cool androgynous names were taken ;_; Meryll's too girly sounding.

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