Maria Sumpter

So Ive pretty much moved on from elfwood.. I dont think ive logged in for at least a year, until now. I'll upload some more stuff anyway. worth keeping this thing going seeing as it shows up as one of the first for my name in google ;)Hi, I'm Maria, aged 20. Im currently studying illustration at university in Cornwall, Uk. Im in my first year and its a fantastic course. I don't draw fantasy and sci fi so much anymore, not to the extent I used to anyway.  I love the internet, my favourite book author is robin mckinley, I love a lot of different types of music, and cats are possibly the best and worst creatures on earth. I'f you'd like to commission me, contact me via my email and we can discuss a price ;) Ive left a lot of my old stuff up still. I wish this place had upload dates or something on it, but enjoy anyway. Ive been around here for years. Ive actually lost a lot of my older work due to a hard disk mix up so its good that i can find some here :)