am a self taught artist from Dunedin, New Zealand who likes to draw most things in pencil, then spends hours in painting on computer, Photoshop is by far the medium of choice, along with my Wacom Tablet! I am really sorry but I do not accept free requests, although if you'd like to commission a wonderful custom made original artwork, please by all means e-mail me, thank you! ^_^ Prints also available, please write to me personally thanks! Also please write to me personally(email link to the right) for the use of my artwork thank you! It's not hard to write to me, this is not a free clip art gallery thank you! SPECIAL ANNOUNCEMENT:- I have some work available for Sale at Ellen Million Graphics. Get some of my artwork on cards, etc.. now, thanks Ellen! ^_^Here's my section at EMG, check them out thanks! I also have an Epilogue gallery and a Deviantart gallery too! Date uploaded to Extranet: 12 Sept 05 Haven't uploaded for ages, but do have some new works that I'm putting up now! Please look around and let me know what you think, thank you! I hope you enjoy! ^_^   I like computing, drawing, hairdressing, music Favourite movies Narnia, LoTR, Eragon, Willow, Dune, Harry Potter, X-Men Favourite books LoTR, Harry Potter, Dune, I Robot Favourite music All kinds..70's to now! :)