Mae govannen! My name is Marie (sometimes called Rose, sometimes called Hey You). I am an art grad with a fervent love for Gargoyles, Lord of the Rings, Dungeons and Dragons, Magic: The Gathering, and tons of other fantasy-based fandoms. My work is a bit of a cross between classic Disney, a little anime, and a little Stan Lee and Boris Vallejo thrown in for flavor. (Bam!) I like lots of color and divide my techniques between digital (using Photoshop 7) and traditional (using Primsacolor pencils and my woefully small Tria market collection). On occassion, I do use plain old ink and charcoal, though not often. Obviously I have a true obsession with Lord of the Rings and seem to have hit upon something good with the Middle Earth Kids series. My personal favorite is Legolas, of course. But, who doesn't like the Elf? Some things to know... PRINTS - If you are really interested, e-mail me or IM me and we'll discuss options. I spend neary eight hours a day online, so it's pretty easy to reach me. ART-TRADES - Sure thing! Let's swap talents, people! COMISSIONS - Same as prints, if you are really interested e-mail or IM me and we'll see what we can work out. I am a professional, so don;t yank my chain if you're just fooling around. FREEBIES - If you are a non-profit organization in search of a logo or some such thing, feel free to e-mail or IM me as well. I am a very good volunteer, just ask the ASPCA. :) NEXT in line for the Middle Earth Kids Series is a sort of Gollum meets Finding Nemo cross-over. WARNING! I will be taking down some of the Middle Earth Kids series from here soon. They will still be displayed on my personal website, but not here. I'm doing this because I am reaching my 25-pic limit and I have more stuff! NEW NOTICE - I have opened a cafepress shop with some of my artwork available on t-shirts and other things! I have tried to put every one of the Middle Earth Kids series on something. Check it out at... !