Marilyne Prud'homme-Gélinas

Hi! my name is Marilyne! I live in Québec city, Canada. I'm 16 years old and my reasons for living is art! Since 10 years old I sew all kinds of things and what I like the most is baby clothing and costumes(Halloween and other old times clothing).When I was very young, I was very calm and the only things I did was drawing.;-) I want to do costumes and décorations for theater and movies and that's why I'm going to a scenography program at college. My art is mostly inspired by the nature and fairies are my favorites subjects. I'm not a Wiccan but I believe in most of these beliefs. I have done more than these paintings, but they are to big to put them in my scanner héhéhé ;-) Maybe one day I will find a way to scan them and show you what I've done! I hope you'll enjoy my work.