Marina Neira

Hi! Nice to meet you. My name is Marina and I'm 28 years old. I live in Miami, FL and my life is all about reading, drawing and writing.

Master Sequin's Assistants - Chapter #1

Master Sequin's Assistants (stil a working title) is the story of a destitute young fairy, Rosemary, and her little moth-imp ward Gyp, and how they leave a life of poverty in the city for a position as assistants to a gnomish forest tailor.   Let it begin! This chapter is rather grim, but don't worry, things will get merrier in short order. Some things to note:    This is a FIRST DRAFT. It will almost certainly change. Possibly many times.  If something sounds a little funny, it's because English is not my native language. If you see mistakes, or if something sounds genuinely odd to you, please don't hesitate to point it out, but keep in mind my main objective in posting these first drafts is to receive feedback on the story itself.  I have the common problem of overusing passive voice.  I am trying hard to fix this. I know where I've used it (mostly) but often I can't think of a better way to phrase a particular sentence (though sometimes I decide to move along because getting the story down is what matters most to me at this point.) Again, if you know about writing and something sounds wrong or awkward, I welcome suggestions on better ways to phrase things.