Mark Cole

Like a lot of folks, I've been doing fantasy art since I was a child. Much of the work you see below is done in colored pencil on hot-pressed watercolor paper. A few pieces are done in alkyd paint, an epoxy-based medium similar to oils. Recently, I've been concentrating on soft pastels as in 'Kasseya's Sword' and "Eleanor." My love of the landscape creeps into almost every picture. My wife and I love exploring inspiring places. We currently live in Taiwan which has one of the densest concentrations of high peaks (over 3,000m) in the world. There are many trailheads within a half hour walk from our doorstep, so we can be up in the hills in no time. For more landscapes, please visit my homepage. I seem to be doing more sketches than finished fantasy work these days. So many irons in the fire...! Updates to this page come sporadically as time allows. Cheers!