Mark Goldfine

Welcome to my gallery! My name is Mark Andrew Goldfine, and I am a 39 year old Illustrator, designer and former tattoo artist from Norway. I have been a great fan of fantasy art and fiction since my early childhood (This being the reason I started to draw in the first place). Most of my images are in some way inspired by RPG-sessions and the works of Tolkien and other fantasy authors. I hope that you enjoy your stay in my gallery. Also, I would like to thank Mike Ploog (whom I had the great honor of meeting in Bergen, during the Raptus comic book festival in 2005 :)), Whose work has been the source of much inspiration,  and John Buscema for being an inspiration and a mentor (in spirit)! R.I.P. John!!! Other influences include: Brian Froud, James Ryman, Boris Vallejo & Julie Bell, the Hildebrant brothers, Luis Royo and Frank Frazetta, whose works have been a tremendous inspiration.All work in my gallery is original!