Mark Lin

Hey and Welcome to my FanQuarter Gallery. First of all i'd like to say as a WARNING that the fan art in my gallery may or may not resemble the original. I intend to do my own version of a particular work, i dont care if it'll upset fans or whatever. I cant be thinking to impress everyone as that's not possible anyway so it's best not to put those particular things to mind. My main aim to shock or perhaps make people look at a particular character in a different way. Whatever it is though, i'd just like everyone to enjoy themselves here, if not and you feel the need to vent or lash out at anything here ~ then that's absolutely fine too. Go ahead, dont be afraid to hurt my feelings :P Erin Charmaine Clark | Gillian Sein Ying Ha | Melissa Ng | Ange lke Wang | Anna M. Borowiecka | Bree Patton | Jia Wang