Marley Mcleay

Discovered digital back in 99. discovered how to illustrate with photoshop end 2002. and have been going hard since, trying to improve with each piece. O hang on, my name is Marley Mcleay and reside in good ol New Zealand, with an ambition of being a matte painter (once i am skilled enough). At ze moment just illustrating and trying to perfect the art doing whatever. And if you must know, i is doth 25 yo :? No i don't allow tubing of my art...DON'T ASK AS I'LL IGNORE!!! Marley I like I also like carrots Favourite movies Star trek in general..BattleStar old and New 24 Favourite books Lotr, 'Hothouse': by Brian Aldiss. 'Across the face of the World'. Russel Kirkpatrick Favourite music Enya F.S.O.L electronica..not club techno however