Martha Davison

<~~~ ats me drawin'! Hi!!! Welcome to my little corner in Elfwood. If you see any mispelled words just let me know the correct spelling and i'll fix it. Also please excuse me if I dont capitalize every time I need to. I'm lazy. -.- zzzZZ. Yup... sleepy right now too. It's 10 AM right now, and I'm still tired. Most updates will probably be done from work. dont forget to look at my fantasy gallery! Now, as for information about me... My name's Martha McMillon but i dont like my last name because I dont like my Father's family... They're nothing but a bunch of lazy slobs so I'm ashamed of the last name. my parents got a divorce when I was about 2 months old. So I just go by Martha Davison. I dun have a middle name... but my Boyfriend *sigh and dreamy eyes* gave me one... it's Rhinatta... Renee for short. It means 'to be born again'. He's a cowboy. Anyway, I'm 18 years old and I work at a Christian radio station in moody alabama. I also own a small business that builds websites and does graphics, it's Mainheart Web Studios. You can also visit our website (still under construction) at I've just currently finished a course at AUM for webmasters which was loads of fun. I'm also dating a guy named Caleb... who's 21.. and soooo handsome. Cowboys arent all that bad. I love him... with all my heart, soul, and being. Most of my art you'll see will stem from that. This bio's gettin' a lil long so i think i'll let you go look at my art now. Bai!!! By the way, if you look at this page... COMMENT DURN IT!!! I'm tired of not getting comments! pllllleaaaaassssseeeee comment!!! oh.. uhm.. yeah... FINALLY FILLED UP THE GALLERY!!! I'm on a Harry Potter binge. I Love an older Draco... *sigh*