Maarten Koster

Hi everybody and thanks for checking this out! My name is Maarten, although I go by Marty!:-) I love to draw, and never even saw an art academy in my life, so don't blame me if my work isn't always that good! ;-) I've been drawing ever since I got a pencil and some paper, but only recently have I been drawing reasonably well. I love to draw fantasy, and dragons in particular, I don't know what it is that attracts me to dragons, but they have this noble nature, yet fiercer than anything... Anyway, I don't wish to attain anything with my drawings, except for some good comments! ;-) You are of course always free to comment on my work, wether you like it or not, all is welcome! :-) I enjoy criticism at times, but don't overdo it! :-p Just kidding! Go, comment! ;-) Ruth E. Steinback She has dragons and little critters! ^-^ Oh yes, and Twip! Go check out Twip! ^-^ Thomas, the founder! The least I could do for the founder of elfwood! We all owe him a lot, y'know! If it wasn't for him, all of this wouldn't be here, so a little link is the least we could do! Check him out, if you haven't already! P.S.: I plan to make myself a Zone 47 gallery, and am currently working on drawings to put in there, so keep checking, I might have one in a week or two (maybe, and probably longer than that :-s)! ^-^ (That is, if you're interested in knowing what futuristic stuff I can draw...;-p) I haven't been drawing that much Zone47 related drawings lately, but I now know what to draw, so they'll be finished a.s.a.p.