I'm a weird girl, but I'm also sincere and imaginative. I love drawing but I only draw by pencil on any paper sheet and then scan them. My favorite themes are human beings involved in Fantasy or Gothic environments. Some people says I draw in a Japan-anime style, but I don't think so. I like Drawing (of course); Playing chess (although I'm NOT a master, he he); Reading (some poetry, sci-fi & novels); Videogames (only Soul Calibur & Project Justice); Sleeping (I'm totally messy!); Surfing the Net (I log on MSN sometimes). Favourite movies I don't like neither movies nor TV shows. In fact, I liked "The Simpsons", but I've got bored of them. However, I'm a great sports fan! FAVORITE SOCCER TEAMS: Barcelona, Bayern M√ľnchen, Vasco da Gama & Milan. FOOTBALL: Maybe Baltimore, Tennessee... uhm, I have no preferences. BASEBALL: Yankees & White Sox. BASKETBALL: Spurs & Jazz. HOCKEY: Bruins, RedWings & Stars. Favourite books My favorite author is Edgar Allan Poe. Also I've read some Sherlock Holmes books; and I like the short stories by Oscar Wilde, Jack London and H.G.Wells... I've never read Tolkien, HarryPotter or something like that. Favourite music Rammstein (thanks to them I decided to learn German... THEY'RE MASTERS!); Classical (Mozart, Beethoven, Vivaldi, etc... Beethoven's Moonlight sonata is THE BEST I'VE EVER HEARD)