Mermaid :Faye:

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Marvealle Kiiraia

This is a mermaid (or something like it) named Faye. I drew her when I was randomly thinking about the four major elements, and then the minor elements. I began thinking of creature that live under rule of the different elements. I wanted to do water first and I came with this mermaid looking creature. (please keep in mind that this is my first time ever drawing a mermaid like being. I'm rather proud of this though.) She is obviously one of the creatures ruled under the water element. Faye happens to be the ruler of the feminine element, as well as ruler amongst her kind. Her race is known as the "Kendra" (an English word meaning "water baby, or magical.") Since the water element in more feminine than masculine it is ruled by female Kendra. Kendra are humanoid creatures with tatoo like patterns on their backs. They can shift from a mermaid like form to a human form, but in both forms they keep their patterns and ears. Their scales disapear to flesh, and their long fish like tails become human legs. Kendra also are very pale. Also their fin, hair, and eye color can vary, depending on where they live. If a Kendra lives in open ocean they very of colors of white, blue, and green. But if they live in rivers, they can be variations of brown, blue, and grey. Some live near or in coral reefs, and here they can be many different colors such as reds, oranges, ppinks, whatever color the reef is. What causes these color variations are the special chemicals in the waters in these areas that only affect Kendra. When a Kendra lives over two months in a new area, their color will change due to the chemicals. But the only thing affected by these chemicals are their fins and ears. Their hair and eyes will stay the same as when they were born. (once again their hair and eye color is determined by the water born in or where the parents were born.) The fashion of their fish tails vary from each Kendra.

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