Get Out!

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Mary Hinders

'The few weeks that the herd had traveled across the blistering desert had stretched into months. The time ate away at their bodies, leaving only stretched muscles and thin, bony sides. It began to wear away at their minds also, turning them from the loyal, close-knit family group that they were to short-tempered, unpredictable beasts that would kill each-other for a meal. If it weren't for the head male and female, this surely would have been their ultimate destiny. The head male was the largest, and made all the decisions. He lead them across the familiar lands that he had once known as the dry, grassy plains. It had changed, though. There wasn't much water before, either, but there was at least tiny springs that slithered down the rocks. They had lived off that for the past several decades. And now, the new harsher climate was beating at them, whipping their already stinging skin. And as they walked, a young female in the group started to give in to her hunger. She felt desperate for food, and in her desperation, she dove with all of the little strength she had at the head female. For the head female had looked especially sickly lately, and a fear of death was among them all. But the head male turned and knocked her away. She tried to recover, but couldn't, and fell on her side. The male came at her, and she scrambled out of the sand, and galloped away. He chased her for a long way, considering her a threat to the herd. And when he felt he had left the herd too far behind, he stood and threatened her with deep-throated roars, until, with a flick of her tail, she trotted slowly away....................' This actually started as a little thought that sprang into my head, and I drew it, liked it, and decided to add a story to back it up. I tried to not make it too terribly long, just a little thing to describe the situation. Anyways, tell me what you think!

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