Maryanne Papke

~*~This is Enedlammeniel, keeper of the oliphaunt Talos. ~*~This is Captain Anne, chocolate-thirsty corsair captain of the bonny ship, The Chocolate Fondue. ~*~This is the Black Queen, conquerer of the world and all around evil person. MWAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!! ~*~This is Darth Kiwi, sith master. ~*~This is Hydrogen, Nitrogen's sidekick. ~*~This is Ficta, the imaginary number. ~*~This is Greedle of the Marsh, dark sorceress of old. ~*~This is Professor Zook, Care of Magical Creatures and Ancient Runes teacher, and head of Fernwavern House at Ponce De Leon. ~*~This is the Tosoloter. ~*~This is Maryanne.Be sure to check out Amalind's gallery And also Mika's.