Marie-Joëlle Bourque

Hi there! I'm Marie-Joëlle (Muh-ree-joa-eh-l, ah! just try a fake French accent and you got it...) I changed my bio because I think it told too much uninteresting stuff about me, so I'll stick with the essential..Age: 16, now (!)Lives in: Quebec, French province of Canada Inspiration: Artist such as Amy Brown, Stephanie Pui-mun Law, Adele Sessler, Anke Katrin Eissman (sp?), Jenny Dolfen and all you wonderful Elfwood artists! Also, JRR Tolkien and his wonderful work.Favorite music: Irish, celtic stuff and folk. Loreena McKennitt, Blackmore Nite, Mediaeval Baebes...and a little bit of Rapshody ;-) Special thanks to: My scanners such as M-C and soon Caroline :DBR>Updates!-Added 'Jasper'Coming Soon!-Daeron ('All for the love of you') And here's the traditional bunch of links: Caroline Boisvert : My friend since! Since 2002! You must see her work! She's the next Amy Brown! Emily De Búrca : One of the most talented teen I've ever seen on Elfwood! Do you like Discworld? ;-) Mark A. Lev 'Silver Wolf' : A master of the pencil (and others)! His gallery is an Eden for facial expressions and shading!Lauren Raye Snow : Having a map of Middle Earth painted on her wall, she's not only a very talented artist (you must see her work!) but an unfairly lucky person too! ^_^ Oh! And her cat is cute!Jean-Francois Pruneau: Where imagination meets incredible details ;-)I would like to thanks the Acad...wait...the moderators for picking 'The Faded Moon' on September 24th!! I'm so proud!