My name is Meg Syverud. At the moment I type this, I am nineteen years old and a college student majoring in Graphic Design. When I was a Sophomore in high school I started an Elfwood Gallery, but after two years I became frustrated with the system and abandoned it. Pictures were posted much too slowly for my liking (one ticket took over a month to get through the Moderators, and then it was rejected for a very stupid, unclear reason), and it didn't get much attention. Three years later, or rather, today, I came back to it and had to laugh at the stuff that's still up here. This junk is so old. It really takes me back to a time when my eyes were big and wet and I was full of dreams of becoming a professional comic artist. Today, some would consider me so, but me? Not so much. I'm still working on it, though. Nonetheless, three years is a long absence, and though some of you may be excited to see that I've updated, and some may not even notice at all, I'm here to say goodbye. I'm not deleting any of my pictures, nor am I deleting either of my accounts here, but this will be the last time I'll ever update. I shall, however, leave you with one or two final images, to show you how much I've developed my style and skills. I'd like to take this moment to say thank you to all of you. You guys have provided me with a ton of support and encouragement that really helped me make some confident strides into the Internet. Razor, thank you for being the first person I ever did an Art Trade with. Logan (you know who you are, girl), thank you for coloring that one page of Untold Tales on the Fan Art Site, and for being so wonderful, cheerful, and encouraging. Best Wishes, Meg Psalms 121:1-2 ((PS: A note about me living on a private island in the middle of the Pacific: a lot of people have been taking that seriously and ask me which island of Hawaii I live on, if my parents are oceanographers, etc. I have to say, these comments and questions made me laugh; they were so cute. Though I would like very much for this to be true, I do not live on an island, but a continent. I just said I lived on an island because I didn't want to tell people online where I lived.))